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Figures & Special Items for Sale

Updated 12/16/2011: Updated! Nothing to see here, folks! All items sold!

- I accept PayPal OR Money Order / Cashier's Check.
- Message me, leave a comment here, or email me if interested in something(s).
- All of my feedback can be found over in this entry.

Everything here has been sold or traded! Thank you very much!


Hi there! I'm wondering if the Tyki figure is still available. If it is, I'm interested in buying it from you. Thanks! :)
Hey! Yup, it sure is. If you're in the US, total price is $11 shipped. Do you mind if the box is flattened? I make sure to do so very neatly. Also, how would you be paying? Regards! (:
Excellent! However you need to ship it is fine with me, but would you do me a favor and write something along the lines of "Handle with Care" on the box? I know you had in the description there was an issue with one of the arms and I've had issues with the post office mishandling boxes, so I'd feel a little better with a note like that on the box. :)

I'll be paying with Paypal, given you accept it. If you do, would you send me a message with your email? I should have it paid promptly after that.

Thanks! :D
Of course! That's not a big deal at all. I've had similar issues aside from just this figure with the post office. I shall pack with care!

PM'd you!
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